JeanneCarbonettiAs an artist, Jeanne believes strongly in the power of Beauty to enhance the quality of life because of its ability to bring opposites together in harmony. For Jeanne, Art is not a luxury, it is a necessity, not for society, but for every individual as well.

“The meaning of the Tao, to me, is the essence of life. It is the meaning behind all meanings, and the One Truth that is the ground of our being. I believe that this truth, taught by all the great sacred texts, is that everything is one, that all is part of the whole, and each piece, therefore, is valid. But the only way to experience this oneness is to become one with our own selves.”

– from the Forward in “The Tao of Watercolor”

More About Jeanne
The primary medium for Jeanne’s work is watercolor, and she has developed a unique method for emphasizing the fluidity of transparent color. She uses this technique to reinforce her special vision: the theme of natural rhythms. The viewer is transported to that moment in time and space where clinical reality ends and another dimension, a more essential reality, begins. In that moment when heaven meets earth, the viewer is constantly reminded of the beauty and fragility of human life within the great circle of nature’s rhythmic unity.

Jeanne Carbonetti has been a professional artist for more than 30 years, and has exhibited in numerous one woman and group shows. Specializing in developing the power of the creative process, she is the author of six books: The Tao of Watercolor, The Zen of Creative Painting, The Yoga of Drawing, Making Pearls: Living the Creative Life, The Heart of Creativity: Imagination, Inspiration and Destiny, The Magic Heart: Three Myths to Live By and the instructional DVDs, The Tao of Watercolor and The Zen of Creative Painting. She also runs Crow Hill Gallery of Fine Art in Chester, Vermont. She has been featured in numerous magazines, including American Artist. She is one of the women featured in Gail McMeekin’s book, The Twelve Secrets of Highly Successful Women. By invitation, she exhibited at the Fifth International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy, in December 2005. Her one-person show, The Power of Beauty, served as the Grand Opening for the Vermont Institute of Contemporary Art. Her paintings are in collections both private and corporate throughout the United States, Europe and Australia.


Since I was very young, the story of Adam and Eve and their Eden has followed me. What does it really mean? Over time, I have come to believe that it is a story not about original sin, but about original blessing-that of creatorship.

For I have learned that art is not just for artists, but for everyone– that we all have the power of images within us through which we shape our world. Yes, we are, by birthright, creators and each of us has something special within us, which is calling for its expression.

I believe we are crossing a threshold now into a new way of seeing the world, a way that places beauty in its original place beside Love and Truth in our hearts. What may seem to be chaos is only the great creative process at work, dissolving old forms for a new synthesis to take place. Artists know that nothing is ever wasted or lost.

Jeanne Carbonetti